National Pharmaceutical R&D Center

BBCA Pharmaceutical R&D Center is the National Enterprise Technical Center and Post-Doctoral Research Center. It has a large number of top class technical personnel, advanced scientific research equipment and pilot factory.
The center concentrates on university-industry cooperation and has established relations with University of Science and Technology of China,Fudan University, Beijing Institute of Technology,China Pharmaceutical University,Second Military Medical University and Hefei University of Technology, has already applied for over 80 patents. In recent years, the center has developed and put into the production of category I state new drugs such as propranolol, naftopidil,category II state new drugs Zaleplon, Cinidipine,category II state new drugs Ibutilide fumarate filled the blank of this field, take the lead in developing exclusively new accessoriestriethyl citrate in China, to create a good economic and social benefits for BBCA Pharmaceutical. The center has continue paying attention toprotect intellectual property rights, has access to more than 30 patents for inventions, and access to a number of provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards.

Achievement of BBCA Pharmaceutical R&D Center
Since the establishment of the center, it has adhered to the concepts of market orientation, innovative development and fruitful results. A type of State category I state new drugs, 3 types of category IIState new drugs, over 10 types of State category III new drugs and category IV state new drugs have been successfully invented by the center. Especially, fructose injection, diclofenac sodium patch, cilnidipine tablets and new products have created a good social and economic benefits.
  The scientific achievements not only bring huge returns to the enterprise, but also received science and technology awards from the relevant government departments. Center’s Lai Linlin raw materials and preparations were awarded the second prize of Anhui Province Science and Technology Progress Award, fructose, naftopidil, diclofenac sodium patch, triethyl citrate were awardedthethird prize of Anhui Province Science and Technology Progress Award.

Future direction
Five development goals: anti-tumor drugs, cardiovascular drugs, antiviral drugs, antipyretic analgesics, APIs.




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