National Engineering Research Center for Fermentation Technology

BBCA National Engineering Research Centre of Fermentation Technology (Engineering Center), approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, jointly funded by BBCA Group, Jiangnan University, Tianjin University, and the Plasma Institute of Chinese Academy of Science,which is a state-level fermentation technology engineering research center. The primary function of Engineering Centre is to carry out the research of strain technologies, fermentation technologies, extraction &separation technologies, environmental protection processing technologies, etc. There are national 863-plan projects and provincial key scientific and technological projects, such as produce bio-based chemicals through the way of bio-refinery, produce fuel ethanol through biochemical approach with straw as raw materials, produce fuel ethanol with Self-flocculating yeast supernatant etc.Since Engineering Center was established in 2003, it has achieved a number of excellent results, including straw cellulose conversion technology, the production technology of a wide range of organic acids, amino acids, alcohols, vitamins and nucleic acids and yeast extract-type products.

Among these, producing ethanol by straw cellulose conversion technology is included in the National Scientific and Technology Support Plan, and 5000 t/a industrial demonstration line gets into Anhui Province Consultation Mechanism, the technology by using straw as raw material to produce ethanol has passed the investigation of Anhui Development and Reform Commission. The technology of using corncob as raw material to produce xylitol and organic acid, and 3000 t/a industrial demonstration line has passed theinvestigation byscience and technology agency.

In terms of engineering technology industry, multiple technical of Engineering Center has been applied to the new BBCA Group projects: Since 2003, it continues to improve lysine strain with independent intellectual property rights, and innovative extraction technology, BBCA Biochemical Co., Ltd’s new lysine production line will be operated in September 2017;The threonine strain of Engineering Center is continuously optimized over 8 years, performance of strain has been among the forefront of the industry , intermediate testing’s extraction rate and other essential index also have industry-leading level, the technology is applied in BBCA Biochemical and will put BBCA threonine products into market  by the end of 2017.

R&D Projects under development of BBCA National Engineering Research Centre of Fermentation Technology
Study on L-malic acid Industrialization
Improve D-lactic acid fermentation technology
L-Lactic acid fermentation and technology of extraction
Fermentation process of organic acid and technology of extraction
Lysine strain improvement, fermentation and optimization of extraction technology
Threonine strain improvement, fermentation and optimization of extraction technology
Glucosamine optimization of fermentation and study on extraction process
L-Alanine fungus fermentation and optimization of extraction technology
Sialic acidresearch and development of products
VC fungus and study on extraction technology
Research on VE new technology
Research on VA, citral technology 
VB5 new technology  research
Research on VB6 technology optimization

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