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Secretary of Anhui provincial Party Committee, Li Jinbin and his delegation attended the commencement ceremony of BBCA Szolnok 60,000t/a citric acid project

The project of BBCA Biochemical Co., Ltd.'s technique of fermentation to produce L-malic acid will be operated in 2018

BBCA was awarded as one ofAnhui's top 10 Private Innovative Enterprises.

BBCA International Trade won honorary title of China Quality Credit Enterprise

Anhui Tiger Biotech Co., Ltd. prepares to build the project of 10,000 t/a VE and 5,000 t/a VA

The world's largest VC project is about totest runin August, 2017

VB5,VB6 and VB9 projects of Tiger will put into production in the second half of 2017

BBCA plans to invest in 150,000t/a lactic acid and 100,000t/a PLA projects

.The world's largest L-alanine project will put into production in August,2017.

The new projects of 200000t/a lysine and 100000t/a threonine built by BBCA Biochemical is coming into the period of installation and commissioning.

BBCA Grpup won honorary title of first prize in Anhui private enterprises import and export as well as one of top 20 enterprises in revenue and tax

Hungry project cooperation agreement andgeneral service contract were signed

BBCA Szolnok Biochemical company held shareholder meeting

Foundation Stone ceremony of five projects at BBCA bio-industry manufacturing base

Huang Xianzhong, the NPC Standing Committee member and vice director of Environment and Resources Council, investigated and surveyed BBCA Gelatin

BBCA set up a sales corporation in Brazil St Paul

BBFY Industrial USA Inc. established storage branch company in New Jersey

BBCA Group chairman attended Chinese enterprises symposium that was presided by Vice Premier of the State Council Wang Yang in St Paul, Brazil

Chairman of BBCA Group attended the meeting with Premier Li Keqiang and representatives of the business community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

BBCA Group,China Development Bank (CDB) and Mato Grosso do Sul singed a cooperative agreement

Chen Xiaojin, BBCA Pharmaceutical’s general manager assistant,was elected as representative of the Twelfth National People's Congress.

BBCA Group signed a cooperation agreement of fermented products project with Hungary enterprise

BBCA Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Uruguay fuel ethanol project enterprise

Chairman Liwith his delegation visited Hungary

BBFY Industrial USA Inc.(New Jersey, the USA) was established

The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, premier of the State Council Wen Jiabao visited BBCA Group, inspecting the industrial development of biomass processing and utilization

Argentina BBCA Company, will actively expand the market of South America

Li Rongjie was elected as a representative of the Twelfth National People's Congress.

The State Council convened the National Spring Agricultural Production Work Conference in Bengbu, Anhui, and Hui Liangyu visited BBCA Group

BBCA Group signed a PLA cooperation agreement with Belgium Galactic

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