Anhui BBCA  Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(BBCA Pharmaceutical)

Anhui BBCA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the listed company of BBCA Group,the first listed company in pharmaceutical industry in Anhui province. BBCA Pharmaceutical is engaged with the R&D,manufacturing and selling of pharmaceutical. BBCA Pharmaceutical is the national high-tech  enterprise and it is one of China top-100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises. Currently,it has obtained 53GMP production lines.

The products are involved with three areas,bio-pharmaceuticals,chemical pharmaceuticals and Chinese patent medicine. It includes 7 types of drugs for analgesic-antipyretic, women and children, nervous system,cardiovascular system,urinary system,nutrition,antibiotics. It has over 10 dose forms,300 kinds of types. We have many patents of national first type and second type of new drugs. And we have over 300 pharmacies.
Main business(four parts):preparations,active pharmaceutical ingredient,health & medical and commercial logistics.

 Preparations:Chemical Preparation is the main part of preparations,meanwhile,we are positively developing cooperation with scientific research institution and universities to develop new medicine,so that it can be transformed to biological agent.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient:We can improve the market occupancy of paracetamol,cefpirome,ceftriaxone,cefminox and DC series medicine by upgrading our equipment and investing high technology. And we have various reserve projects of active pharmaceutical ingredient. BBCA pharmaceutical aims to be the top manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredient in China.

Health & Medical:we are promoting the plan of starting1000 pharmacies.BBCA pharmaceutical is going to establish the pharmaceutical retail service platform of entity pharmacies and E-business of pharmaceutical. BBCA Pharmaceutical will promote the combination of medical treatment and endowment,health care for the elderly by merger, recombination and purchase,also we will start to establish cooperation with hospital.

Commercial logistics:BBCA pharmaceutical will build pharmaceutical distribution systems all over the Anhui province and complete the pharmaceutical distribution network. We will make the commercial logistics of BBCA pharmaceutical be the top enterprise(in Anhui) in pharmaceutical distribution.

We look forward to the future. BBCA pharmaceutical will consider innovation as motivation and R&D of new medicine and updating of products as endogenous power. We will make precisely market structure and multi-dimension marketing model. BBCA pharmaceutical will be built to become a comprehensive enterprise which is covered with massive health industry.


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